Swetha S. Bobba is a researcher and designer at City University London.

She is currently working on Optical Fibers and She has recently designed an iOS mobile app. for World’s #2 restaurant – Mugaritz, which is a ‘mortar’ dish cooked virtually using  iPhone’s accelerometer movements. The app. was launched by Chef Andoni at Madrid Fusion, covered by BBC and BBC Click.

She likes to explore the World for new Science & Technology and is broadly interested in, designing new Intelligent Machines to integrate the world for better interaction #HCI, Optics, Robotics, AI and Communications.

She interned from Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Harvard in 2012 and She received Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in 2012. She is a Graduate Student member of IEEE, IEEE WIE and IEEE ComSoc. Miss Bobba is also the author of ‘‘Automatic Fire Extinguisher Robot’ (with research on Sensor design) in IEEE Xplore and, ‘hardware based autonomous fire fighting robot’ (with research on Interactivity) selected for presentation in ICCAS’14.

Fork her on Facebook or Quora or Say Hello.



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