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Mugaritz App.

Mugaritz is a Mobile App. to ‘smell’ the essence of special seeds and wild herbs ‘grind’ in a virtual Mortar, using iPhone Accelerometer ‘gestures’. 

Screenshots of the App. designed :

IMG_0953IMG_0954  IMG_0955 IMG_0956 IMG_0957 IMG_0958



Design, Projects

Electric Taste Interface

Electric Taste Interface is a control system developed to simulate the taste sensations ‘electrically’ on the tongue. The effects of most persuading factors – such as magnitude of current and frequency have been accounted for stimulating the tongue non-invasively. The experimental results suggested that sourness and saltiness are the main sensations that could be evoked while there are evidences of sweet and bitter sensations too. The project was a warm-up before starting my PhD proposal to deal with Electronics, their testing, PCB Designing and Soldering.

Here is some of my work:

top bottom

PCB Designing in Eagle



Bio-solar Air Surveillance Flyer plane is piloted via Zigbee communication protocol. The drawback in its predecessor designs are the coverage distance, battery life and effective features. To overcome this, I have used mathematical algorithms to improve the transmission distance, bio-solar panel as a backup for battery and I’m now adding features to the GUI such as human recognition, convex and concave conversions, which are highly recommendable during rescue operations and terrorist attacks. With this project, I have learned advanced wireless networks and communication protocols.

The project finds its main application during rescue operations and terrorist attacks where the surveillance of the effected arena is needed first to perform any further action.




My Research project at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIgeneCE, is designed to sort the ‘best set of attributes’ out of massive data sets responsible for Bipolar disorder with an aim to improve the chances of prevention and cure of the disease. Project AI develops a new mode of attribute discovery and external cross validation methods using a unique, data-driven, integrative Bayesian approach to merge gene expression data from Bipolar disorder – related experiments into two prognostic models.

The designed model proved to be successful with an AUROC (Area under Receiver Operating Characteristic) of 0.907 on bipolar disorder samples finding six genes – C8ORF44, ADH5, MCL1, PDE1A, ASPH, NTM as responsible for the disease. Future studies can shed some light on these relationships and the functions of these genes and gene products, also in AIDS, Cancer.

External Crossvalidation

The Six genes responsible for Bipolar disorder

Plot of AUROC



Network of Languages (using Twitter tweets)

The LINtwitter project aims at determining the networks between different languages using Twitter “tweets”. The key phrases use Languages (nodes) to connect through (edges:) people who tweet in more than one language where Node size reflects number of people and edges are connections between languages. It uses compact language detector to detect the language of the tweet and Python to determine the probability of similarity between any two languages.

My work carried out with determining the symbols/words that were responsible for wrong identification of one language with another. Symbols that influenced the errors were #, the, a, smileys (were recognized as Greek language), $. To overcome this, the probability of detecting a language was increased from sixty two to seventy five where the language detector was able to identify most of the languages correctly. This helped build up more networks between the languages and strengthen the already existing one.



Designing Robots to effectively communicate with the environment using social skills will enable many exciting applications of Robots that help them play a supportive and efficient role during catastrophes.

The main goal of this project is to design a Robot that autonomously extinguishes the fire during fire accidents. The key ideas are to use Thermocouple – to detect the temperatures above 100⁰C (fire); Voltage converter – to convert DC voltage to AC; and a Water pump.

Fire Fighting Robot Design

Fire Fighting Robot Prototype